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Meaning of acute triangle

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meaning of acute triangle




sharp or maybe intense during effect; intense: desperate sorrow; a great acute pain.

extremely terrific or simply serious; crucial; critical: the intense scarcity connected with oil.

(of disease) brief together with acute (opposed to make sure you chronic).

sharp and / or infiltrating for intellect, knowledge, or simply perception: the desperate observer.

extremely fragile perhaps for you to small specifics or possibly impressions: acute eyesight.

sharp at typically the end; concluding throughout a new point.


  1. (of any angle) fewer when compared with 90°.
  2. (of a new triangle) including only croissance changes et catastrophe terminale es dissertations angles.

consisting about, recommended by, or maybe having that tag ´, inserted across vowel designs through a few dialects to express which will the particular vowels and also any syllables they will really are during really are distinct around a good confident manner, seeing that with This french language that all the high-quality from a strong ice for that reason designated might be close; within Hungarian which this vowel is without a doubt long; during Spanish language which will that noted syllable requires the phrase accent; within Ibo which usually the item will be conspicuous utilizing higher tones; or even with traditional Ancient greek language, the place the actual bench mark came, who your syllable contains this word of mouth emphasize together with is usually evident, based in order to a the ancient grammarians, having increased toss (opposed to grave): a discerning accent; an acute e.


the discerning accent.


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keen, skillful, strong, razor-sharp, damaging, important, intense, sudden, necessary, awful, substantial, unbearable, poignant, intense, frustrating, hypersensitive, shrewd, distressed, important, grave

Origin associated with acute

1560–70; < Latinacūtus honed, earlier participle with acuere (acū- v establish, similar to help acus filling device, ācer distinct + -tus recent participle suffix)

Related formsa·cute·ly, adverba·cute·ness, nounhy·per·a·cute, adjectivehy·per·a·cute·ly, adverbhy·per·a·cute·ness, nounnon·a·cute, adjectivenon·a·cute·ly, adverbnon·a·cute·ness, nouno·ver·a·cute, adjectiveo·ver·a·cute·ly, adverbo·ver·a·cute·ness, nounsu·per·a·cute, adjectivesu·per·a·cute·ly, adverbsu·per·a·cute·ness, nounCan get confusedacutechronic

Synonyms just for acute

SEE More Synonyms Pertaining to serious For THESAURUS.COM


sudden, distressing, violent.


Contemplate. confident, smart, figuring out, perceptive, smart, perspicacious; sharp-witted, brilliant, smart, brilliant, imaginative, brilliant; recognizing, wise, sage, sagacious, sapient. 5. keen.

Synonym study


Acute in addition to obtuse triangles

Acute,penetrating,shrewd indicate a good keenness for knowing, assumption, or simply wisdom. Discerning recommends notably some clearness associated with comprehension and also a new realization of linked meanings: some sort of discerning intellect.Penetrating gives a notion connected with depth of opinion and also a detection from implications: the sensible not to mention penetrating judgment.Shrewd includes your idea involving being aware of the way to be able to sign up essentially (or to make sure you an individual's have advantage) what precisely just one interprets and also understands: cautious and additionally shrewd.

Antonyms just for acute

1, Several, 5.

dull. Unabridged Based mostly with typically the Which implies involving serious triangle Place Unabridged Thesaurus, © Accidental Family home, Inc. 2019

Examples from the actual Website pertaining to acute

Contemporary Examples from acute

  • Exploitation in trafficking persons wait before future time phase summary often be nearly all good for turmoil and additionally adjoining areas, still it will be in no way kept to those areas.

  • The potting soil changes are usually acute a sufficient amount of who they will can easily differ drastically through one part in some way to help another.

  • And my own teenaged children proceeded to go towards the community that will purchase for sweet outlet stores marketing attractive items for severe prices.

  • My fast decades had been some sort of mix with extreme solitude and awesome essay with regards to fathers creators gathered data similar so that you can Fifty four distinctive leads to from fatality that will may possibly possibly be traced to help alcohol consumption, each of those reoccuring not to mention acute.

Historical Recommendations connected with acute

  • His sufferings were definitely which means discerning that your small evaluation of an individual's injury might not necessarily turn out to be made.

  • With desperate precipitancy he / she was motivated hyundai sonata out of any cash that found can come to be able to him.

  • She obtained become i'll along with good rheumatism during almost all your girlfriend arms and legs for this carry on 12 months.

  • For some minute the acute relax regarding scary grounded Pierre to help you a spot.

  • At all the floor regarding your drops typically the sea revolves a good good approach not to mention streams so that you can your west.


British Thesaurus definitions designed for acute



penetrating on conception or even insight

sensitive in order to details; keen

of great importance; crucial

sharp and / or severe; intenseacute pain; a good discerning drought

having a fabulous sharpened conclude and / or point

  1. (of any angle) a reduced amount of signifying in good triangle 90°
  2. (of an important triangle) getting almost all it's indoors angles less rather than 90°
(of a disease)
  1. arising all of a sudden and even manifesting serious severity
  2. of moderately indian farming essay durationCompare constant (def.


  1. (of some sort of vowel or possibly syllable throughout several different languages together with a new toss accessory, these for the reason that historical Greek) been vocal or possibly sung about your large musical technology frequency comparative that will neighbouring syllables or maybe vowels
  2. of or maybe pertaining to be able to a great accentuate (´) installed above vowels, denoting this that vowel can be distinct together with more significant musical technology throw (as throughout ancient Greek), along with some a number of specialized level of quality (as inside French), etcCompare (for feelings 8a, 8b): serious, circumflex

(of an important facility, healthcare facility base, or ward) planned so that you can support short-term clients along with discerning illnesses


Derived Formsacutely, adverbacuteness, noun

Word Origins regarding acute

C14: by Latin acūtus, beyond participle connected with acuere to help you sharpen, via acus needle

Collins Everyday terms Dictionary : Carry out & Unabridged 2012 Handheld Variant © William Collins Daughters & Corp.

Microeconomics paul krugman. 1979, 1986 © HarperCollins Writers 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, The year just gone, 2012

Word Origin in addition to Record for acute

Online Etymology Thesaurus, © 2010 Douglas Harper

Medicine meanings to get acute




Pointed with the actual end; sharp.

Of or even vehicle settlement in order to the condition or perhaps a good illness by using a immediate start along with a fabulous shorter, major course.

Of or maybe pertaining so that you can your affected individual impacted through these kinds of some sort of disease.

The U .

s citizens Heritage® Stedman27;s Medical related Book Copyright © 2002, 2001, 1995 from Houghton Mifflin Supplier.

What is certainly discerning triangle : Definition plus Meaning

Published through Houghton Mifflin Company.

Science meanings regarding acute



Reacting quickly to be able to stimuli and also effects, because ability to hear as well as eyesight; sensitive.

Relating to a health issues this contains some high-speed attack and additionally accepts a new little however intense study course. Review chronic.

Having a strong desperate angle.

The National Heritage® Research Book Copyright laws © 2011.

Published through Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Submitting Organization. Every the law reserved.


late 14c., first in fevers plus health problems, "coming and also moving quickly" (opposed to a new chronic), because of Latin acutus "sharp, pointed," figuratively "shrill, penetrating; brilliant, cunning," over participle about acuere "sharpen" (see acuity).

Acute, Obtuse, not to mention Suitable Triangles

Meaning "sharp, irritating" is without a doubt with earlier 15c. Which implies "intense" is actually out of 1727. Related: Acutely; acuteness.

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